If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please
contact me at least 12 hours before your appointment time fail to do so will
result in 100% charge of your service(s).

Scheduling an appointment

I recommend scheduling your appointment at least one week in advance to
guarantee availability. You may call me last minute to check if there are any
appts available. All appointments must be secured with a major credit/debit

You can book your appointment online. You can only book up
to 2 months in advance if you need to book something further then 2 months
please contact me directly. The online booking requires at least 2 hours in
advanced, if you need book an appt with shorter notice then please text me at
713-828-9711. Sometimes I might be hard to reach, sorry. I do not answer the
phone when I'm with a client. I encourage you to send me a text (prefer
method) or send me an email with your request. You may call me if you prefer
or if you have any questions.


First time clients please arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out the client
information/ consent form. Please be courteous and considerate to other
clients and me and arrive on time..remember this is Houston there is always,
always traffic!!

FYI for Waxing

I recommend taking a few painkillers 30-45 min before your appointment time
(it helps!). The hair must be 1/2 an inch long to be waxed.
Don't worry about the hair being too long I'll trim it if it's necessary (most
people trim it too short and I'll have to send you home to grow it out again,
If you suffer from Ingrowns there is an awesome product called PFB Vanish
that works wonders if used on a regular basis. Vanish works by exfoliating the
skin to help future ingrowns from forming and helps heal any bumps that you may
already have.